12 Reasons Schapelle Corby is Innocent

In 2005, 92% of Australians polled

believed Schapelle was innocent. Later,

swayed by rumors and false stories in the

media, most of us believed she was

guilty. Jailed for 20 years in horrific

conditions, amid disease, bullying, rape,

suicides and murder, she served 13 years.

This one page is conclusive proof

Schapelle was falsely imprisoned.

1. Transparency International Indonesia

surveyed 3,841 (most in business)

who reported bribes paid in 48% of

all interactions with Indonesian Police,

41% with Customs and 30% with Courts.

In Bali, a ruthless tourist extortion racket

operates. Drugs are planted, usually in

luggage, followed by an arrest and hours

of illegal (no lawyer) interrogation which

determines how big a bribe can be paid.

Threats of years in brutal jails, and harm

at home if they tell, usually sees bribes

quietly arranged and victims deported.

Though innocent, those not paying are tried

& convicted. Judge Sirait, head of Schapelle’s

sham trial, said he had found no one innocent

in 500 drug trials! Even at trial, bribes

can reduce charges and sentences. If unpaid,

evidence of innocence can be suppressed

and severe sentences given. Thus murderers

have received 2 years & Schapelle 20 years.

2. At Bali airport her sister Mercedes

was handed mobile numbers on two bits

of paper by customs and police officers.

The guilty would readily pay. Schapelle

refused. Australian Robert McJannet after

5 mths on false drug charges, was told he’d

get what Corby got unless he pled guilty.

His ‘legal’ costs were A$71,500. Our

consulate advised ‘Steve & Dee’, who

found marijuana planted in luggage after

arriving in Bali, to flush it in the toilet.

3. Bali law requires 2 forms of evidence,

not just drugs in unattended bags

that can have been planted. Schapelle

had no police record. Urine & blood tests

showed no drugs. Police tried to trick her

into signing ‘confessions’; one written in

Balinese and the other, a falsified interrogation

transcript. Wisely, she refused!

Next, only a miracle saved her when police

tried to plant a small bag of drugs on

her and her family during a visit to Polda

prison in Nov., 2004. Her lawyer loudly

confronted police there, who, caught out,

said the package had fallen under her table

from an evidence locker on the other

side of the room. So despite their attempts,

police still had no 2nd form of

evidence! This was arranged when two

police and two customs officers alleged

Schapelle had said, “It’s my marijuana.”

Three spoke no English, one very little!

4. Schapelle is the first person ever

charged with trying to smuggle commercial

marijuana from Australia where the

4.2kg cost $32,000–$43,000 into Bali

where 4.2kg cost $1,700–$4,400, losing

90% of its value by taking it to Bali!

5. Schapelle did not have possession

of her bags for 8 hrs. Bag handlers did. 7

months later, three Qantas handlers were

jailed for smuggling 9.9kg of cocaine at

Sydney airport on the exact day, time &

site as her luggage. Leading that major

drug investigation, Asst Director of NSW

Crime Commission, Mark Standen, was

jailed for 22 years for a $120 million drug

conspiracy involving bag handlers.

6. Brisbane airport staff weighed the

3 bags – 65kg. If the same 65kg in Bali,

she had the drugs at check-in and was

guilty. If 4.2kg heavier, the drugs were

planted and she was innocent. Yet Bali

police failed to weigh them. Why else

than they planted them or knew who did?

7. The marijuana caused a pillowcase

size bulge in her unlocked, soft bag

she’d printed her name and address on!

Once unzipped, it was in plain sight (not

even under her board) in two clear (not

black) plastic bags, the inner one slashed,

releasing marijuana’s pungent smell.

These 6 facts are compelling evidence

the drugs were meant to be found. Was

this to get further UN drug war funding?

8. Bali prosecution gave no evidence

that Schapelle ever touched the two

plastic bags or marijuana inside. Prints,

DNA, even a single hair strand would

prove she handled the drugs and was

guilty – or help prove her innocence. Bali

Authorities refused to do, or allow, tests!

9. The prosecution alleged the drug

was Australian; the charge was‘importing

narcotics’. If Indonesian, this showed it

was planted in her bag at Bali airport.

DNA tests would prove which! When the

police, prosecution and judge refused to

allow testing, even by the Australian

Federal Police [AFP], this indicated the

drugs were Indonesian. Later, Judge

Sirait ordered all evidence burned, forever

preventing vital DNA and print tests

that would prove Schapelle innocent.

10. Despite an alleged new international

drug crime: from Australia to Indonesia,

neither government (who control

police, customs) investigated Schapelle,

her three friends or possible accomplices

(growers, dealers or bankers). No search

of her rooms at divorced mum or dad’s

homes. No body search of her 3 friends,

Mercedes or her husband. Police even

failed to search other bags in her name!

11. Despite hundreds of security cameras,

Qantas and AFP failed to provide a

single image from hours of CCTV (or Xray)

film to prove her guilt or innocence.

12. Money attracts false stories! e.g.

Sunday Mail, 13 July 2008, “Channel 7

and 9 reportedly offered…up to $60,000

for his story” [alleging a drug link to her

dad that police found baseless]. TV 7 also

defamed her mum and sister and settled

for huge damages. Dozens of other false

stories have been published about her

family – all damaging to Schapelle, who,

like many similar victims, is innocent.

Ministers and AFP had fast access to this

evidence and more! Thus they knew she

was innocent. Why then were their media

statements testaments to her being guilty

e.g., falsely denying corrupt bag handlers?

We can create a miracle!

Unconditional love, for Schapelle, even

for whoever planted the drugs, will bring

her home. I give these 12 points only to

prove she was framed, not to levy guilt.

Fear and hate only perpetuate the same.

Our world mirrors what’s in our hearts:

choose love and peace. Indonesians will

support us, for we support them with hundreds

of millions of dollars and sincere help.

Hold this image in your heart: Schapelle

already home, free, smiling, gazing from

the beach at the ocean she loves. Write to

Schapelle with your love and support.

Our lessons? Secure bags if traveling!

On major issues, best not accept political

or media claims, intelligently search the

net. Speak out: regain our freedoms, build

real communities – therein lies strength.

© Dennis Stevenson Website 12reasons.net

Former Army Intelligence instructor,

member of parliament, police officer, researcher,

business consultant, visitor to Asia,

& investigative writer. He gives his services

freely to help individuals and communities.

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12 Reasons Schapelle Corby is Innocent

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Questions from 12 Reasons:

1 92%

2 500 drug trials

3 murder 2yrs

4 $71,500

5 more victims

6 1st person charged, commercial

7 8hrs

8 120 million

9 when slashed


Despite this, some had the courage to

report after leaving Bali, i. drugs planted

in their bags in Bali, ii. their arrest, and

iii. paying huge bribes to be freed or for

light sentences.

In 2008, her halfbrother stole from a man

some cash and drugs. In court, not even a

person’s own convictions are admissible,

let alone someone else’s – or rumors. In

2006 the AFP Certified that her dad,

mum, brother and sister had no criminal


12 Reasons Schapelle Corby is Innocent