12 Reasons to Reject Vaccination

New England Journal of Medicine:Chief EditorMarcia AngellMD., ‘It is sim-  ply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines’.                                           LancetChief Editor Richard Horton, ‘… much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue…flagrant conflicts of interest…  science has taken a turn towards darkness.’

*       1.Manufacturers list vax ingredients as mercury, aluminium, insect cells, squalene,  cow fetus, borax, Simian (SV40) virus, hydrochloric acid, MSG, cancer tumors, aborted baby cells, formaldehyde, gelatin, sorbitol, etc. Vax contaminants include lead, cyanide, tin, arsenic, urea (urine waste).

2. Manufacturers warn vax side effects in-clude polio, cot death [SIDS], paralysis, cancer, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis [MS], autism, convulsions, neuritis, anaphyalaxis and death. Claiming vax protect us from disease is contra-dicted as authorities report vaccinated patients can catch disease from – andalsoinfect – both the vaxed and unvaxed. Impossible if vax work.

3.  No vax has ever been scientifically tested (double blind, randomised, long- term, inert placebo study) to show: a) if vax work, b) safety, and c) which group is healthier. The US Health Department was exposed in a 2018 landmark court loss after claiming for 32 years that vax were safe, despite having no proof and never once doing the legally required annual safety research ordered by Congress.

4. Vax ignores 18 critical, life-saving medical & legal requirements. Before any vax, the patient’s current illness, medical history, age, sex, weight, allergies, race & medications should be examin-ed and a risk-benefit analysis done. Their doctor must disclose all ingredients, a list of harmful effects (up to 70 per vax) & get informed con-sent. A written prescription is essential & must identify the doctor, patient (never groups) and list the disease, vaccine, dose and duration. 

5. The main cause of disease is toxemia/ blood poisoning from ingesting drugs/chemicals and processed, irradiated, denatured, GMO, artificial  food /drink. Our bodies are self healing, needing exercise, rest, sunlight, pure water/air, fasting, fresh organic food (often raw), sleep, doing  what we love & a positive outlook: none offered by the trillion dollar medico/pharma industry. These traditional laws of health & disease contrast medical training, which is based on suppressing & removing symptoms with perilous and costly chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and drugs, not on understanding and teaching the above conditions our bodies need to eliminate toxins and self repair. Vigorous health or chronic illness are the result of our decisions.                        

6.  Autism exploded from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 25 (2020) after MMR [Measles/Mumps/Rubella] vax began in the US in 1974. Drug Co. Sanofi Pasteur warned: ‘Adverse events include autism.’Dr H. Wang, Director Special Needs Children, reported in 2005: ‘The autism rate for Amish [who don’t vax] in Ohio was 1 in 15,000.’ In 2004, CDC [Centres for Disease Control] researchers found a huge rise in autism in African American boys under age 3 after MMR vax. Sen/Scientist Dr William Thompson admitted his CDC team falsified and then tried to erase this proof that vaxcausesautism. US laws bar vax Co’s being sued. In the tax funded ‘Vax Court’ with US $4.4 billion [$6.16 Aust] damages awarded, in 83 cases the court found vax caused autism.

7. A US HealthDept. study by Harvard Medical School found less than 1 per cent of vax injuries/ deaths are reported.Doctors & scientists who expose vax harm are vilified, defunded, persecuted & are not published – actions that ignore 200 years of other medical disasters: thalidomide, mercury, lead, dioxin, childbed fever carnage [doctors refusing to scrub up], asbestos, DES, Medical Journals endorsing smoking,  Prozac, ECT, Vioxx, lobotomy, CFS, fluoridation,  dieldrin, etc. All were claimed, as are vax, to be safe and effective despite proof of injury and death to millions of people & multi-billions in public costs. In Australia, authorities reveal that every year, at least 18,000 deaths and 50,000 permanent injuries are caused by doctors, drugs, hospitals and vax. Only we can decide whether we or our children take drugs. This unalienable right is confirmed by Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution S.51 xxiiiA.    

8. Medicine and vax are basedon a refuted theory about germs by Louis Pasteur who plagiarised [stole from] and misinterpreted the brilliant scientist Prof. Antoine Béchamp MD., who demonstrated disease is caused by toxemia: (a build up of metabolic waste/toxins). Professor/ Sir Alexander Ross MD., Fellow of the Royal Society of England, ‘I do not question the existence of infinitesimal microorgan- isms but they are the result, not the cause, of disease. They are the scavengers; their legitimate work is to clean out the sewers of our bodies. Wherever there is decay, pus or decomposing matters, these little lifesavers are doing their work of neutralisation, sanitation and purification…’. Three crucial questions medicine has never reasonably answered; i. How can we have germs and not the disease they allegedly cause? ii. How can we have a disease but not the germs claimed to cause it? iii. How can germs mutate? e.g. change from smallpox to polio? The answer? Our amazing bodies internally create bacteria and viruses to heal us. Neither attack healthy tissue. Without them the body would die. 

Author Dennis Stevenson’s life: Member of Parliament, Army Intelligence Instructor, Police Officer, researcher, Investigative reporter, Health Centre Operator, Public and Private coach, Teacher, Master of Ceremonies.

9. Worldwidegovernmentstatisticsshow infectious diseasese.g. chickenpox, Flu, measles, polio, TB, smallpox, etc. were in major decline decades before widespread vax due to improve-ments in hygiene.Medical historians record dis-ease causes as rats, slums, fouled water (animal/human waste), diseased milk, poverty, polluted air, malnutrition, child labour & despair. Rectified with new building and labor laws, sanitation, isolation, cleaning, electricity, nutrition etc.Not vax. Vaxers usually disguise this with graphs showing statistics after vax not before.

10. A child’s developing immune system is wired to benefit from mild diseases, establishing life-long immunity. By thwarting this developmental stage with vax, adult exposure to disease can be fatal. In declaring vax ‘unavoidably unsafe’, the US Congress confirmed that as there are no guaranteed vax benefits, all vaccines are experimental. Despite this, Australia’s 2020 Vaccine Schedule is: 50 vax by age six; 73 by age 18 and 150 vax by age 65.11.  Every vax injects and infects us with disease. The result is that disease epidemics occur almost exclusively in vaxed regions.Independent studies show the claim that herd immunity prevents epidemics if 95% of people are vaxed is a lethal error. England, 1871-72: with 98% of ages two to 50 vaxed with smallpox – 45,000 died of smallpox. Germany had 96% vaxed & 125,000 smallpox deaths.In 1940, Germany made Diphtheria vax compulsory. By 1945 diphtheria cases had soared from 40,000 to 250,000.  

12. The Australian Federal Treasury(under F.O.I. laws)publiclyreleased proof‘the Australian government is a US company’. Search this and ‘10 Commercial Maxims’, ‘Affidavits’, ‘Notices’, ‘Private Administrative Processes’ & ‘Commercial Liens’[ each with ‘+ strawman’ ]. Like Coles, no company has lawful power to compel anything. These senior laws protect our freedoms and health by holding vaxers/ all company agents personally & financially liable for any abuse of our rights.

* Research all these facts in the amazing 732 page interactive eBook ‘1200 Studies’ (free download).    • View the brilliant series ‘Every vax causes harm’ by Dr. Andrew Moulden. • Support pro-freedom-of-choice doctors, childrenshealthdefense.org, MP’s & avn.org.au • Be grateful for all experiences. What we give out, returns. Send love/receive love.  • Buy the NZ Journal of NaturalMedicine.   •  Call a vax People’s Court & Royal Commission.  • Get healthy.  • Network: build teams, fundraise. • Ask friends, ‘Is there any point you disagree with?’ •Tell the world: letterbox, doorknock, notice boards, street tables, talkback, hand-outs, land signs, publish full-page ads, car stickers, windows, home meetings.     • Run a SaveLives education campaign. • Introduce a Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum law [BCIR] as the Swiss successfully did 150 years ago .*